Strengthen your memory

Especially in corporate situations the effect of chronic stress on your memory can be highly detrimental. This retreat is all about techniques to sharpen your mind.   High levels of chronic stress causes certain hormonal imbalances and neurological dysfunction that interfere (amongst others) with learning and memory. You can experience memory lapses, attention deficit and […]


Manage your blood sugar level

Whenever you want to cure or alleviate a disease you need to understand the cause and the reason for the disease. Learn what high blood glucose level is and what the cause is of low blood glucose levels. Get to know and gain a thorough understanding of what products have a high glycemic index.  Learn […]

Change lifestyle, live happier

    Whenever we talk about stress, the aspect of work-life balance is brought up. Important to take into consideration in this regard is that work-life balance is a very subjective issue. During this retreat we will focus on having you create balance in a lifestyle that is uniquely appropriate and acceptably for you. This […]


How to boost your immune system

What is ‘probiotic’ and how can you stimulate the good bacteria? You don’t get sick because of bacteria or viruses; you get sick when your defense system fails to keep out the sickening agents. During this week you will gain a thorough understanding of how your immune system works. Learn how to boost your immune […]


Herbs, supplements and formulas for a healthy life

There are certain herbs that are a must-have in your kitchen, medicine cabinet and in your garden. Get to know the effect of the most important supplements and the effect on the human body. Learn the best formulas for your health as well as for babies and children. Know what to do and know which […]

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Transform Your Health with an Alkaline Lifestyle

Start your journey to a vibrant energetic healthy life Join us on beautiful Curaçao, the island of the healing Indians, for an educational 7 day Alkaline Lifestyle Health Retreat, November 18 until November 24, 2018.  Are you feeling tired all the time? Have you tried everything to lose weight? Or are you dealing with health issues […]