Sport Retreats

56Everybody needs a break every now and then. People who do sports (the professional sportsman or amateur) will find this program to be what they have been waiting for.

PIAI Retreats has developed a unique package deal for you at the Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort. Come and unwind while enjoying an array of possibilities to become better as a human being. For one week PIAI professionals will take care of you and give you tools to conquer the stress of the next season.

At the Santa Barbara Plantation we have so much to offer you. We offer you a different sport every day. For one week you can join in several types of sports we have prepared for you.



  • scuba-diving and snorkeling
  • canoeing and windsurfing
  • sailing, para-sailing, water-skiing, and body boarding
  • water polo, and water aerobics
  • deep sea fishing
  • jet skiing
  • fly-board
  • swimming at Klein Curaçao

Fighting sports

  • self-defense
  • kick boxing
  • krav maga
  • cross-fit

Endurance Sports:

  • crossfit
  • circuit training
  • gym


  • salsa
  • merengue
  • bachata
  • kizomba


  • cross-country mountain biking
  • cross-country running
  • adventure running
  • jogging
  • hiking
  • walking
  • horseback riding
  • golf
  • (crazy) marathon
  • tennis

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