Smart Retreats

The SMART RetDSC_7778reat is designed especially for the busy businessman/woman, who cannot be away from work a whole week but still has the desire to change and rearrange his/her hectic lifestyle.  The Smart Retreat is also for the employee who is struggling with health issues, or the person that deserves a few days off after outstanding performances at work.

At the Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort, PIAI has developed a special program in which you can unwind and learn new ways to stay healthy or change the course your health is heading now.

Choose the topic that fits your desires and let’s go on a three days journey of health. You can choose for the Smart Retreat starting on Sunday at 1 p.m. till Wednesday after lunch at 2 p.m., or to start on Wednesday at 1 p.m. till Saturday after lunch at 2 p.m. Three days filled with fun, learning experience and developing new skills.
On the last day you can invite your spouse, partner, colleague or even your big boss to join for lunch at the Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort.

The instruction language used during the SMART Retreats is English, Dutch or Papiamentu, depending on the wishes of the participants.


Corporate Outlook

The most common challenge for companies today is disengaged employees. Disengaged employees have become distracted due to their stress, rather than focusing on their job.  This leads to:

  • Diminished productivity
  • Errors and accidents
  • Absenteeism
  • High employee turnover

These employees are often coping with a combination of both personal and corporate stress. Personal stress can be caused by major life changes, compelling circumstances, trauma or just plain everyday stressors. Corporate stress on the other hand can be caused by work demands, (lack of) control, (lack of) support, relationships and change.


If you are in any type of leadership position and you want to have engaged, productive employees then you can find yourself in the unique situation of having to not only manage your own but also your employees’ stress. Piai Institute has designed the SMART retreat especially for you.

Our SMART retreat is designed for the busy leader, manager or executive who cannot be away from work for a whole week but who does need to address stress management for his/her own health and for improving the performance of his/her team. The retreat is designed to be:

  • Specific
    Each retreat covers a specific topic.
  • Measureable
    There will be consultations with our professional staff at the beginning of the retreat in order to determine your specific goal(s) and establish criteria for measuring progress on each goal.
  • Attainable
    We provide you with the necessary knowledge and help you to develop the attitude, abilities and skills necessary for you to attain the goal(s) you’ve set for yourself.
  • Realistic
    We know that “time” is a costly commodity for you and take this into account with both the setup and scheduling of the retreat as well as the goals we help you set.
  • Tangible
    All sessions during the retreat are aimed at making tangible the knowledge we are sharing with you. Research shows that what you experience firsthand you are better able to learn and retain.

Chronic stress can be the cause of physical/ health symptoms, emotional imbalance, intellect impairment and changes in behavior. We have designed our retreats with these chronic stress consequences in mind but also take into consideration the three tier approach to stress management: prevention, proactive building of resilience and recovery support.


The topics are:

Manage stress 

Stress can be defined as a serious imbalance between the demands placed on you in a certain situation and your ability to meet those demands taking into account that non-performance can have serious consequences. Stress starts out as a positive motivator but can turn harmful to the body and mind when it becomes chronic. This retreat is focused on identifying chronic stressors in your life and learning how to manage them with practical tips and tricks.


Strengthen your memory
DSC_0115Everyone stops and thinks about the loss of memory; especially when memory loss has affected someone dear in the family or friends. Nowadays everyone knows about Alzheimer, dementia or a form of memory loss, but only a few people know how to prevent it or how to strengthen the memory. It starts with minor things like forgetting where you put the car keys or what the thing is that you are looking for in the refrigerator. Don’t delay action because you can regain the power of your memory with a few practical tips and exercises.
In three days you will be surprised what you have accomplished. You will learn how to remember a list of one hundred items –from 1 to 100 and 100 to 1-, you will remember names of people, numbers of more than 40 digits, one year calendar (2016 and 2017 !), and even read a book and know exactly what and on which page you have read it.
You will also learn the products that affect your brain and the product that will vitalize your memory.
All this combined with the best organic and natural food and drinks, activities and personal advice on how to manage your health.
The chance of a lifetime so you never ever will have to use the two words: “I forgot.”


Stay in shape
Eating the wrong fooDSC_7825d, lack of exercise and stress are the three main reasons to start a disease. Join us in a three days adventure of combining the best food, exercise and understanding how to manage your life. We will help you to put a stop on the bad habits that slowly affect your health and help you to find the right and meaningful things in your life. Staying in shape is not only eating right and doing exercise; it is also very important how you cope with stress, disappointments, anger and frustration.
Join us in classes and workshops where you can learn what to eat and drink while still enjoying life at its fullest.


Prevent disease(s)

27The best way to prevent a disease is to know what causes the disease. In this modern lifestyle we often hear that diseases are in the genes and that it’s hereditary, so in other words: you can’t do anything about it because your grandparents and great-grandparents planned it for you a century ago. When you realize that diseases are formed and caused by the food, drinks, thoughts and influences you are the only one that carries the responsibility for your well-being.
During these three days you will learn about the causes of diseases and how to recognize and intercept when things go wrong and before the wrong habit causes a disease. Learn about superfoods, antioxidants and the best supplements that are available.


Prepare for retirement
DSC_0162Lack of (financial) security is one of the main causes of stress in our modern times. This retreat will help you determine where you are now, where you want to be in the future and, most importantly, how to get there.

Retirement is the time of your life that you often dream of and it’s also the period in life that you always have imagined to be the best. You have promised yourself so many things without realizing that you have to be there in optimal health to really enjoy all of it. Life has so many turns and suddenly reality strikes.
Don’t let that happen to you. Ask yourself where you are now and where you want to be in so many years from now. Realize that you need good health and optimum vitality to do all the things you have postponed for “when I retire.”

In three days we will make a summary of “what and where you are now,” where you want to be in the (near) future and –the most important thing- what you have to do to reach that point.
Join us in a whole new experience and learn how to plan your future.


Boost your immune system

DSC_0039 (2) - CopyChronic stress can undermine your immune system thus making you susceptible for all sorts of illnesses. This retreat will focus on giving you a better understanding of the protection of your body and ways to stimulate and boost your immune system.




Change your lifestyle, live happier

DSC_0085Whenever we talk about stress, the aspect of work-life balance is brought up. Important to take into consideration in this regard is that work-life balance is a very subjective issue. During this retreat we will focus on having you create balance in a lifestyle that is uniquely appropriate and acceptable for you.




Customized corporate retreats

customizeFor companies who want to send a group of employees we can customize a retreat specifically tailored to the companies’ needs. Our stress counselor will perform an intake on-site and design a customized retreat based on the most pressing issues raised by management.

It used to be that companies sought to hire “stress resistant” employees and just focused on firing them when they were no longer able to “handle the stress”. We’ve now come to a pivotal moment in time where corporations are acknowledging that there is no such thing as a completely stress resistant employee while the wellbeing of their employees directly correlates to the company’s bottom line.

Ignoring stressors within the company and not paying attention to employees’ wellbeing results in dis-engaged employees who may show up 40 hours or more a week but who do not actively and/or creatively contribute to the company’s bottom line. In today’s economy the engagement and creative problem solving of every employee is needed in order for companies to not just survive but thrive.

At PIAI we teach positive, sustainable lifestyle tools for individuals which translates into an entire workforce rooted in shared vision, engaged productivity and total wellbeing. The result being a healthy bottom line for your company. Based on your company’s needs we can focus on stress management, tools for work-life balance, inspired leadership and purposeful communication.


A SMART Retreat includes the following:
DSC_4106 - Copy– “All inclusive” three nights stay (Sunday to Wednesday or Wednesday to Saturday)
– Room for three nights (Sunday to Wednesday or Wednesday to Saturday) one person in a room, including all taxes and other fees
– Breakfast, lunch and dinner (all natural, organic and clean –no cross contaminated- food, natural herbs and spices, no additives and absolutely no GMO)
– Activities (sport activities)
– All training, lectures and workshops including the material needed
– If requested you can get a personal (private) consultation with the professional Natural Health practitioner
– Evening programs


Price for a SMART Retreat:

  • Total price per participant $ 1,950.–
  • Two participants in one room: $ 1,750.– (per participant)
  • Group rate (10 participants or more): $ 1,590.– (per participant /two participants per room)

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