Education Retreats

1A3-15 - CopyAn ‘Education Retreat’ is all about learning, experiencing and mastering new possibilities in healing yourself and others. Whether you are a professional or a devoted health seeker this will be the right place for you. At the PIAI Institute we bring you the best professionals and authors in holistic health care from Europe, Canada, USA and South America to share the stage in Curacao.

At PIAI we don’t withhold any information and there are no restrictions on the topics presented at PIAI; no matter how controversial!

Amaze yourself about all the information and the knowledge available on this planet and that you will never get access to because of the rules, regulations and restrictions in several countries around the world. At PIAI we raise the lid and bring you the naked truth.

Every Education Retreat is a week packed with information, trainings, lectures and workshops. Every retreat is an all-inclusive week, so we take care of you one entire week with activities, presentations, shows, luxury room, the best natural food and natural drinks.

Check out what we offer you at PIAI in 2017

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