Clean up and make a brand new start

March 18 until March 24, 2018 This week is all about “Cleaning up” your body and building up a strong and healthy immune system! Just as you would do in your home, your apartment, your garage….. Clean up and make a brand new, shiny and sparkling start! Learn HOW, WHY and WHEN to do the […]


Heal Yourself

You have the ability to heal yourself. What you need to know is how to interpret the signs of the body. Chinese medicine has a unique way to explain and understand the functions of the organs, the energy and changes in the body. When you learn the link between food, energy, function of the organs […]


Manage your blood sugar level

Whenever you want to cure or alleviate a disease you need to understand the cause and the reason for the disease. Learn what high blood glucose level is and what the cause is of low blood glucose levels. Get to know and gain a thorough understanding of what products have a high glycemic index.  Learn […]


Herbs, supplements and formulas for a healthy life

There are certain herbs that are a must-have in your kitchen, medicine cabinet and in your garden. Get to know the effect of the most important supplements and the effect on the human body. Learn the best formulas for your health as well as for babies and children. Know what to do and know which […]

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Transform Your Health with an Alkaline Lifestyle

Start your journey to a vibrant energetic healthy life Join us on beautiful Curaçao, the island of the healing Indians, for an educational 7 day Alkaline Lifestyle Health Retreat, November 18 until November 24, 2018.  Are you feeling tired all the time? Have you tried everything to lose weight? Or are you dealing with health issues […]