Dr. David Jockers will be on stage in Curaçao at the PIAI-Institute on February 4 until February 10 2018 and will be talking about “Cancer Cleanse”.

More information about this Education Retreat will be available in a short while. Please visit this website again soon to find out more about this terrific week in Curacao for The Cancer Cleanse Education Retreat Dr. David Jockers is a natural health doctor, functional nutritionist, corrective care chiropractor, exercise physiologist and certified strength & conditioning […]


Dr. Henk Fransen, natural doctor, international speaker and author of many books on health, cancer and self-healing on stage in Curacao at the PIAI Institute

March 4 until March 10, 2018 Henk Fransen is a natural doctor in the Netherlands who researched alternative ways of healing for more than 30 years. In 2015 he launched the Dutch project ‘The search for healing’. The videos of this project were viewed 200.000 times in a few months. In 2016 Dr. Henk Fransen stood […]

Banjeri Protocols

‘Homeopathy against cancer’ with Ewald Stöteler classic homeopath, Dr. Prasanta and Dr. Pratip Banerji: June 17 until 23, 2018

The Banerji Protocols: Homeopathy against cancer The classification of disease With Ewald Stöteler classic homeopath (The Netherlands) and Dr. Prasanta and Dr. Pratip Banerji     Day 1. Morning   Homeopathy & cancer Law of similars, health, disease & cancer Predisposition or something else? Disease classification Biography Iatrogenic burden Epidemic diseases Acute miasmatic diseases Constitutional diseases Hereditary diseases Sexually transmitted […]


The Secrets of maintaining your health!

From July 1 until July 7 2018 a renowned Professor Doctor with 50 years of experience, one of the best Scientific Health Researcher and an amazing Health Ranger join the stage on Curacao for a mind blowing event, never seen before. Dr. Robert Gorter is a leading scientist, a Clinical Professor at 5 Universities in 3 continents […]


From July 1 until July 7 2018 Ard Pisa will be sharing the stage with Dr. Robert Gorter and C.F. van der Horst, at the PIAI Institute, at the Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort

Building blocks for prevention From July 2 until July 8 2017 Ard Pisa, Dr. Robert Gorter and C.F. van der Horst will be sharing the stage at the PIAI Institute, at the Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort on the beautiful island of Curacao. Ing. Ard Pisa (1971) Ard Pisa is author, health researcher, teacher, […]

CF van der Horst2

From July 1 until July 7 2018 C.F. van der Horst, author of the book Deadly Lies, will be sharing the stage with Dr. Robert Gorter and Ing. Ard Pisa, at the PIAI Institute, at the Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort

Former physiotherapist C.F. van der Horst, BHS, is the author of the book Deadly Lies. How Doctors and Patients Are Deceived. The book is an exposé on industrial strategies to manipulate information to physicians and patients alike and the use of science as a marketing tool. It is heralded by the Nestor of non-toxic cancer […]


Rob van Overbruggen (The Netherlands) and Dr. Gaston Cornu-Labat (USA) share the stage in Curaçao on Juli 8 until Juli 14

During this Education Retreat Rob van Overbruggen will talk about: Emocure® Influence on Cancer Rob van Overbruggen Ph.D. International Speaker Acclaimed Therapist Bestselling Author Featured in Documentary Based on over 20 years of research Rob noticed specific patterns with people having cancer and people miraculously changing the process around. His initial research is published in his […]

Sunil Pai 2

Join Sunil Pai, MD author of the critically acclaimed book “An Inflammation Nation” and internationally recognized expert in Integrative Medicine, health activist/influencer and thought leader in the wellness industry along with Maureen Sutton LMT, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Yoga Teacher and Certified Plant Based Nutrition Counselor, and renowned Holistic Radio Show Host, Robert Scott Bell, and internationally acclaimed vegan/raw Chef Miguel Bautista in a transformative week-long program that will teach you how to prevent, reverse and treat all diseases through diet, lifestyle and evidence based natural therapies. (August 5 until August 11)

Sunil Pai, MD is internationally recognized an expert in Integrative Medicine, a health activist/influencer and thought leader in the wellness industry. After his residency in Family Medicine at the University of New Mexico he became Board Certified in Family Medicine. He was one of the first physicians 16 years ago and youngest in the U.S. […]