What is PIAI?


About the name

Piai (pronounce: pee-ay) is the name given to the priest-doctor by the native Indian tribe that lived on the island of Curaçao at the Santa Barbara Plantation. The same name was used for the medicine man, herbal doctor or ‘miracle doctor.’ The Piai also functioned as a priest; he was entrusted by the tribe with powers to care for his people. He prescribed diets or fasting for 40 days. After the fasting the sick person had to complete the treatment by swallowing three pills. The pills were made of different herbs and were the size of a cherry-stone. These pills were said to be an antidote for every kind of poison and would render a devotee safe from all his rivals and enemies.

The main task of the Piai was to help you understand life and point out where you have failed with nature. Nature always strives for the perfect balance. Any failure –we call “disease”- has a cause and by understanding and finding the cause balance can be restored and life can be as it is meant to be.


The first spa in the world with a new concept on health and well-being

The name of the island Curaçao has been hiding its true meaning for centuries. Now it is time to expose the real meaning of Curaçao: Curing the soul, Curing the heart…. And that is exactly what we do at PIAI.

At the PIAI Institute we need only one week to “get you back on track.” One week includes trainings, lectures, workshops, and activities combined with delicious healthy, organic food, replenishing drinks, rest and ultimate care.

At the PIAI Institute you learn and understand how you can manage your health and how to keep your body in optimal form. Make your next vacation a special retreat where you can learn how to interpret the signs your body is giving you.


A health retreat consists of a one week (7 days) program on a specific health issue with trainings, workshops and lectures. The professionals at the PIAI Institute will help you and teach you to listen and understand the signs of your body.

The difference and the benefit you get at PIAI compared to a (regular) Spa is that at PIAI you treat the internal part of the body. You understand what the root of the health “problem” is and by recognizing the cause you can easily make the necessary changes for your benefit. When applying the right measures, taking the correct precautions, getting rid of the negative influences (most of the time in your food or diet), you can definitely stop and get rid of your ailments.


Who can benefit from the PIAI Health & Wellness Program?

  • Anyone who wants the best life has to offer
  • Anyone who wants to experience preventive medicine
  • Anyone who wants to understand the cause and reason of a disease
  • Everyone interested in health and vitality

PIAI-logo-CENTR_v2The PIAI Institute started in 2015 in a brand new resort on the most secluded spot of Curaçao: The Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort. The institute is directed and supervised by Rudolf de Wit, a Health Practitioner with 35 years of experience in Physical Therapy, Natural and Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Herbal Medicine, Spinal Adjustments, and Natural Nutrition.

One of his favorite encouragements he always uses is:
While treating, helping or guiding a person that seeks health, the health practitioner is not allowed to use the words ‘if, maybe, but, could be, or, try’. When someone seeks health, only the truth and the right information should be given”.

The trainings, lectures and workshops at PIAI carry that important guideline, because you deserve the truth and the best of what life is offering you.


It’s time to make the change!

We have combined the best of two worlds: Western and Eastern Medicine. This is the chance for you to really make the change in your lifestyle and know what to do when you are back at home. Each retreat week consists of a 7-day program on specific health issues with trainings, workshops and lectures. The professionals at the PIAI Institute will help you to understand the signals your body is giving you. For more information, please contact us at info@piairetreats.com.


About Rudolf de Wit, director of the PIAI Retreats

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Rudolf de Wit has his degrees in Physical Therapy, Acupuncture, Manual Therapy, Homeopathy, Phytotherapy, Color Therapy, and Natural Nutrition. He is the first therapist that started with a Natural Health clinic in 1982 on the island of Curaçao. “It has been a rough ride because I was the first one on the island” Rudolf states. He also added, “The Health Practitioners and MDs were not very kind or open to alternative medicine.”

Even with the skepticism of many he DCF 1.0never had any regret of introducing natural health to the Dutch islands in the Caribbean. He is well-known on the island of Curaçao because of his outspoken way of expressing himself in what he thinks is the truth, especially when it concerns matters of health. He has been a strong advocate for preventive medicine and has assisted many colleagues in the set-up of several clinics on the Dutch islands and in The Netherlands.

SU32_cover_FBIn 2005 Rudolf started his own health and lifestyle magazine “Support”; in 2006 he started his weekly radio program “R-Support” and in 2012 he started his weekly television show “Dos Mundu Diferente” (Two Different Worlds). All these programs have one thing in common: HEALTH.

Rudolf de Wit works with the best professionals in allopathic medicine (Western Medicine), Chinese and Indian Medicine, and uses the best ‘alternative’ medicine available. Depending on the topic, the PIAI staff, lecturers and therapists are scheduled to give you the best information and tools to heal you and others.

If during a week’s retreat you feel the need to talk to Rudolf de Wit in private about your health concern(s), or you want to talk to the medical doctor, please feel free to let us know. There will be NO extra charge for the private consultation(s). The week of retreat is “all about YOUR health”.


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