“Communicate 100% for success” (Body Language and inter-human relation)

This is a unique opportunity to master yourself in body language and inter-human relation.

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Communication is the contact and the interaction between people. Every day we communicate with and without words. When we contact other people, we always communicate. This can be done with our voice through the use of words (the spoken language), but also without, or in addition to the use of words, the non-spoken language or non-verbal communication. These include posture and movement, place in space, use of time and intonation in speech. Non-verbal communication is better known as body language.DCF 1.0

Non-verbal communication, however, is more than just body language.
On the body language you see the thoughts, feelings, opinion, interest, character, respect, health, honesty, tension, and intention. We always use body language constantly. Several researchers estimate that at least 70% of the communication between people takes place by voice and body language.

You have 93% chance to be misunderstood
or 100% chance to be clear and successful!
It’s YOUR choice!

The American psychologist Mehrabian says that in expressing feelings:

  • 55% of the communication consists of body language,
  • 38% is voiced by the voice and only
  • 7% is communicated through words.

If this is so, it means that we express our feelings for 93% non-verbal!DSC_8532Communication also means that if you are not aware of your body language, you have a 93% chance of being misunderstood by someone and/or you are wasting 93% of your chances because your body language speaks a different language then what you are trying to express with words.
It is therefore extremely important that you are aware of your body language simply because it is the greatest form in which you communicate with others at every moment of the day.

This SMART Retreat “Communicate 100% for success” is actually the course that you have to get from the first years in school. Body language or non-verbal communication can be the main reason for ‘succeeding or failing’ in everything you do or want to achieve.

Who will benefit the most from this SMART Retreat Week?

  • Managers and HR
  • Personnel and employees
  • Instructors, educators, teachers, teachers, entrepreneurs
  • Sales personnel, service providers, front desk employees, civil servants
  • Job applicants, public speakers, TV presenters

A SMART Retreat includes the following:


  • “All inclusive” three nights stay (Sunday to Wednesday or Wednesday to Saturday)
  •  Room for three nights (Sunday to Wednesday or Wednesday to Saturday) one person in a room, including all taxes and other fees
  •  Breakfast, lunch and dinner (all natural, organic and clean –no cross contaminated- food, natural herbs and spices, no additives and absolutely no GMO)
  • Non-alcoholic beverages
  •  Activities (sport activities)
  •  All trainings, lectures and workshops including the material needed
  •  Consultation with medical and paramedical staff
  •  Evening programs


Total price per participant for a SMART Retreat:  $ 1,950.–

Two participants in one room: $ 1,750.– (per participant)

 Group rate (10 participants or more): $ 1,590.– (per participant /two participants in one room)



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