Banjeri Protocols

‘Homeopathy against cancer’ with Ewald Stöteler classic homeopath, Dr. Prasanta and Dr. Pratip Banerji: June 17 until 23, 2018


This is the Education Retreat YOU DON’T want to miss: all the way from India and The Netherlands we will have the best homeopaths in the world on one stage at the PIAI Institute in Curacao, the Wellness Island in the world!


Ewald Stöteler, Dr. Prasanta Banerji and Dr. Pratip Banerji


The Banerji Protocols: Homeopathy against cancer
The classification of disease: Homeopathy against cancer for treating the patient. 

homeopathy2In their clinics, from January to June 2012, they have treated 1128 new cancer patients of more than 60 different types of cancer, a spectacular result!

The following are the institutions from which the Banerji’s have documented offers of scientific collaboration:

  1. The National Cancer Institute (NCI) of the US NIH.
  2. The UTMDACC, more than one separate offer from different departments of this huge institution.
  3. The University Of Columbia (UC), on pediatric brain tumors.
  4. The University of Southern California (USC).
  5. The University of San Diego (USD).
  6. The City of Hope Hospital in Los Angeles.
  7. The University of Kansas Medical Center (UKMC).
  8. The V.A. Medical Center in Kansas City.
  9. The St. Luke’s Hospital in Kansas City for brain tumors.
  10. Offers from medical research institutions in Spain, Japan and Israel, as well as from institutions in South America and Africa.


 Dr. BanerjiThe Banerji Protocols: Homeopathy against cancer & The classification of disease

With Dr. Prasanta and Dr. Pratip Banerji and Ewald Stöteler, classic homeopath (The Netherlands)

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Day 1. Morning  

  • Homeopathy & cancerhomeopathy1
    • Law of similars, health, disease & cancer
    • Predisposition or something else?
    • Disease classification
      • Biography
      • Iatrogenic burden
      • Epidemic diseases
      • Acute miasmatic diseases
      • Constitutional diseases
      • Hereditary diseases
      • Sexually transmitted diseases
      • Degenerative diseases
      • Questions & Summary

Day 1: Afternoon  Banerji-book-cover-page-e1378170741555

  • Development coming from hereditary
    • Hereditariness and cancer?
    • Development in time
    • Epigenetic approach
    • Neutralising of the hereditariness
    • Future perspective; cancer as an epidemic?
    • Questions?

Day 2: Morning  

  • Dynamic versus material: the turning point
    • Disruption of the life forceBanerji Protocol
    • Dynamic of being sick
    • Dynamic versus material
    • Banerji Protocols
    • Posology (The study of the dosages of medications)
    • Questions?

Day 2: Afternoon   

  • Cause & effect
    • Infection tendency as co-cause?
    • Development of cancer throughout the times
    • Cancer as an epidemic of the present time
    • More cancer now than previously?
    • Research and science
    • Questions?

Day 3: Morning   

alternative medicine with homeopathic globules on leaf

  • Homeopathic therapy & healing
    • History of the epidemic diseases in relation to cancer
    • Science, research and cancer
    • Specific remedies for the specific treatment
    • Increasing resistance against cancer
    • The healing from cancer
    • Questions?

 Day 3: Island tours and activities20161227_105326 (1)

Day 4: Morning  

  • What are the Banerji Protocols?
  • History
  • Research
  • Allopathy and Homeopathy

Day 4: Afternoon  

  • Research and more
  • Braintumors
  • Lungtumors
  • Breast tumors etc.

Day 5: Morning  

  • Liver cancer
  • Uterin Tumor
  • More Cancer experience

Day 6: Morning  

  • Development of the cancer treatment in the future


Ewald Stöteler

DSC_0503 foto EwaldEver since his first day as a homeopath, 35 years ago, Ewald Stöteler Stöteler (1957) has worked in exactly the same way as Samuel Hahnemann (doctor and pharmacist) has developed and recorded his philosophy. He studied Hahnemann’s publications thoroughly and translated different editions of the Organon and The Chronic Diseases in Dutch. It became clear that Hahnemann worked from brilliant ideas, experiences, potencies and accurate experiments and reported these processes thoroughly in the subsequent editions of the Organon and The Chronic Diseases.
As precisely as Hahnemann, Ewald Stöteler is able to discover the valuable and specific timeline in the development that Hahnemann went through, during the development of his classic homeopathy, finalized in the 6th edition of the Organon. Hahnemann referred to this last edition as ‘which has now, if possible, become perfect’.

Homeopathy worldwide, is based on the 4th edition of the Organon, introduced by Kent and also because of that, alienated from its roots. Hahnemann’s Chronic Diseases, the 5th and especially the 6th edition have been completely ignored by the rest of the world.
Ewald Stöteler, as the author of the book ‘Understanding Hahnemann’ fills the gap between the extremes: The Chronic Diseases, the 4th and the 6th edition of Hahnemann’s Organon. That’s when it becomes clear that the principle of similarity is so much more than just choosing the right remedy.
As aa representative for the Dutch Foundation for Hahnemannian Homeopathy (SHH) He met Dr. Prasanta en Dr. Pratip Banerji in Japan 2011 and through them be became familiar with the Banerji Method, a method completely in line with Hahnemann’s line of thought.
Up to this day the Dutch Foundation for Hahnemannian homeopathy promotes the heritage of Hahnemann together with the Banerji protocols in the Netherlands where approximately 50% of the homeopath’s changed their way of working following the guidelines of Hahnemann and the Banerji protocols.

As a 20-year old, in September 1977, Ewald Stöteler made the choice to sign up for the course in classical homeopathy. Deliberate and deeply moved through this way of healing, he never left the road he chose. As a nurse he gathered the clinical experiences which helped him significantly in his profession as homeopath.

Ewald-Stöteler-1024x529Ewald understands the art of translating his regular knowledge completely into homeopathic principles, which is so important in the daily consulting room. His insight into physiological processes, his knowledge about the functioning of the human body, organs, organ-systems, tissues and last but not least the human consciousness processes, is unique. As well as his views on complicated worldly developments, supported by his insights an experience in healthy and pathological processes, substantiated and though through from the theory of miasms, as discovered and documented by Hahnemann.

A homeopath and philosopher in heart and soul!

His almost 40 years of full-time homeopathic  practical experience, through the endless studying of the Organon and Chronic Diseases, through the teaching to many students, our national and international colleagues and the placing into the world of various initiatives, takes us to a respectable state of being.

These talents, personified in one single human being, make his achievements of immeasurable worth. You will gems in it that will lift homeopathy and its healing ability to a high standard.

6952_1Continuing on from the two standard works by Hahnemann, Ewald introduced in the Netherlands the use of the LM potencies, the study of miasms, and flowing on from this, the Contextual Materia Medica and Posology. Remaining faithful to Hahnemann’s statement ‘mach’s nach aber mach’s genau nach’ (‘imitate, but imitate precisely’) led him to these insights.  The methodical thinking through of Hahnemann’s philosophical books ‘Organon and the Healing Art’ and ‘Chronic Diseases’ have results in pay offs in the Ewald’s practice and by now also in the practice of many colleagues

In the meantime, the world-wide well-known course are held in the Netherlands, England, throughout Japan, Finland, Germany and in Sicily etc.; philosophy, chronic diseases, theory of miasms, Contextual Material Medica, posology, theme-days on cancer, rheumatism, thyroid problems and other subjects find their way to doctors, homeopaths, natural healers, veterinarians   and other therapists. Ewald is an often requested philosophy teacher at many international courses.

With a deep respect for Ewald Stöteler as a dear colleague, I have been able to follow this development closely for the more than twenty years that we have been working together in our practice. Together we have established a few initiatives to bring Hahnemann’s homeopathy to attention in the world, based on the 6th edition of the Organon.

As co-initiative taker of the ‘Stichting Hahnemann Homeopathie’ (Association of Hahnemann Homeopathy’ in the Netherlands and by now world-wide, he also develops:

  • ‘De Homeopathie Academie Nederland’ (‘The Homeopathy Academy in the Netherlands’) where students are trained to become classical homeopaths, homeopathic veterinarians or homeopathic obstetrician. The philosophy lessons are given by Ewald.
  • Based on the 6th edition of the Organon, an E–Learning system aka a Blended Learning system has been developed, to give colleagues who want to retrain to the 6th edition of Hahnemann in which he describes the diseases classification, the possibility to do this at a low threshold. This E-Learning tool has in the meantime becomes available in English, German and Japanese. The extensive explanations, presentation as well as film-data including sound, make this after schooling complete.  Then there are also the corresponding contact days on location in each country.
  • The’ Stichting Hahnemann Homeopathie’ remains continuously active at where also a German and English version have become available, to bring to both national and international attention homeopathy in the most wide sense, from the point of view of the Disease Classification by Hahnemann. There is now also a request for a Japanese version.

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Dr. Prasanta Banerji & Charitable free clinic:

150721-124Dr. Prasanta Banerji, son of Dr. Pareshnath Banerji of Mihijam, formerly in Bihar and now in Jharkhand. After completing general studies started learning homeopathy from his father and studying in the Homeopathic College, Mihijam. He was with his father for 10 years up to 1960 in an environment where thousands of patients were not only treated free of charge, but free meals were cooked for the patients, who came from distant places. He started his own practice in Kolkata from 1960. From the first day of his practice, evening clinic from 5.00 pm onward, is strictly charitable, no consultation fees are charged to any patient during that time. Within 3 years of it’s start, he was seeing 400-500 free patients from 5.00 pm to 2.00 am everyday. He is continuing the free clinic till today. Where thousand of patients visits this clinic from all over India. This is done for the purpose of national service.

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Banerji ProtocolsTM:

On seeing thousands of patient for the last 55 years in Kolkata from 1960, he established a new method of treatment which is called The Banerji ProtocolsTM internationally. In this protocols he deviated from the old Hahnemanian method of treatment and took all the scientific improvement of the medical science and started examining patients as per the present day conventional treatment. Developed specific medicines for the specific diseases and achieved much success.

International popularity:

This Banerji Protocols of treatment attracted the eyes of the Scientific International community. Invitation came from UNO to prove the efficacy of his treatment in cancer in 1995. When this is proved in an international conference under the invitation of UNO, we got invitation from National Cancer Institutes (NCI), Govt. of USA and The MD Anderson Cancer Centre (MDACC) of Texas University, USA. In NCI scrutinized his cancer work and accepted that this is very effective treatment. This is the first time in the history of NCI that any other treatment than conventional had been given approval.

In MDACC laboratory experiment was done on Brain Cancer and Breast Cancer and both the cases it has been seen this protocols of treatment is able to kill the cancer cells but protecting the normal cells. Followed this papers published jointly with MDACC, in famous scientific journals.

This has saved the homeopathy and enhanced the name of India throughout the world.


Dr Pratip Banerji

150721-139 - CopyDr. Pratip Banerji, Co-Founder and Dy. Managing Trustee of the PBHRF, has played an important role in conducting research on the efficacy of treatment under the Banerji Protocols. He introduced the process of data accrual and documentation according to the highest international standards. This has made their research acceptable to the international scientific community.

His vision into the future of the BP method of treatment utilizing homeopathic medicines has greatly encouraged research collaborations with premiere international scientific establishments. He is a consultant physician, since 1991, He has a Bachelor’s Degree – BHMS from the Calcutta University, in India, and was placed second in the University with Honors in Pathology and Materia Medica. He post-graduated from the London College of Classical Homeopathy (UK), being awarded the PG.LCCH with a Diploma in Teachers’ Training. He is also a Doctor of Medicine, MD(Hom), from the JRN Rajasthan Vidyapeeth (Deemed University), Udaipur, India.

Ever since the completion of his education, has been actively involved both in the practice and in fulfilling the goals of the research foundation. He has been a contributor with his father Dr. Prasanta Banerji in every international scientific forum. Together they have attended and made dual presentations at multi-various seminars and conferences, invited by conventional as well as homeopathic medical institutions and bodies all over the world.
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