Rob van Overbruggen (The Netherlands) and Dr. Gaston Cornu-Labat (USA) share the stage in Curaçao on Juli 8 until Juli 14


During this Education Retreat Rob van Overbruggen will talk about:

Influence on Cancer

Rob van Overbruggen Ph.D.

  • International Speaker
  • Acclaimed Therapist
  • Bestselling Author
  • Featured in Documentary

Based on over 20 years of research Rob noticed specific patterns with people having cancer and people miraculously changing the process around. His initial research is published in his bestselling book “Healing Psyche” and that book is already used internationally in many clinics to help people deal with serious diseases.

Christiane Northrup MD : This book could save your life”

Larry Dossey MD : This is one of the most comprehensive guides to the role of the mind in cancer”

Over the years the research continued in finding the most effective tools in reaching these goals, and to develop these tools in a teachable format.

Now for the first time these tools and training is brought to the public. Before they were only available to private clients. Now they are made available for anyone who needs to learn and apply these to change their own health or the health of a loved one or client.

This training will be conducted by Rob van Overbruggen Ph.D himself.

Program description

During this Education Retreat you will learn and experience how to change your mindset to gain more influence on a cancer process. Everything you learn and apply is based on scientific research and practical application.

The training is designed to learn, have fun and experiment and feel the change.

At the end of this training you will not only know what to do, you will have experienced a major personal breakthrough that will last a lifetime.

The following topics will be covered

  • How to use the tremendous inherit power of the mind in physical ailments
  • How to connect to the medical staff and get the best support you need
  • How to release emotional traumas (emocyst) so you can feel energized
  • Dealing with the Positive Thinking hoax, why it does not work and what to do instead
  • Visualizations, why they only work sometimes and how to make them work always
  • Learning the meaning behind your symptoms
  • Reconnect with the past with love instead of hate, hurt or guilt
  • Develop a happy and healthy future
  • Use your inner genie to guide you
  • Create an implementation plan for your healing

This is a very active and fun style training whereby there will be many exercises to help you feel and experience the change within.

Rob’s passion for health and well being started in 1994. At first he focused on mental health. With the use of hypnosis, neuro-linguistics and energy psychology he was able to help people to reach their goals fast and efficient. After years of misery they left happy again.

In 1996 he started to study how the mind influences disease processes. He noticed that emotions and beliefs directly influence symptoms and diseases. A change in emotions and beliefs often allows the disease or symptoms to disappear. This was published in his first book “Healing Psyche“ ( It explains the influence of the mind on the process of cancer from a scientific point of view. Many studies already have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the mind influences the cancer process. In this book he discovered the patterns that they all have in common. These patterns are universal applicable in the recovery of any disease or symptom

Based on his knowledge and experience he devised several models to help people heal fast and efficient. His vision expanded to help people to become happier and healthier.

Rob-van-Overbruggen-Ph.D.-12-150x150Using some of his advanced models he is now able to pinpoint the exact emotional stress that prevents the healing of specific symptoms. By releasing that emotional stress the body can repair itself again.

His material is now used and described in at least five different books.

Rob conducts trainings, lectures and keynotes all over the word. The USA, UK, Australia, India, Egypt and many other countries have already benefitted from his amazing, dynamic and fun style of teaching.

Over the last 20 years Rob has taught more than 4000 people to take more responsibility of their life, health and happiness.
His sought after trainings, both private and public trainings are considered the best in the industry.


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The price for this Education Retreat is ‘all inclusive’, which means that all the following is covered:

  • Room for six nights (Sunday to Saturday) one person in a room, including all taxes and entrance feesDSC_5401
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner (all natural, organic and clean –no cross contaminated- food, natural herbs and spices, no additives and absolutely no GMO)
  • Non-alcoholic beverages
  • Activities (sport- and recreation activities)
  • All trainings, lectures and workshops including the material needed
  • Special tour and entrance fees to all attractions and activities planned in the tour
  • Evening programs
  • Transportation to and from the airport

         Total price per participant:                            $ 5,400.–

         Two participants in one room:                     $ 4,900.–  (per participant)

         Group rate (10 participants or more):     $ 4,672.–   (per participant /two participants in one room)

Other additional possibilities you might consider:

If you have a partner travelling with you and staying in the same room but NOT attending the week retreat but joining us for breakfast, lunch and dinner, group activities, island tour, and transportation the cost for the partner will be $ 1,871.–

If you want to stay one extra day or more (before or after the event) the price per room per person per night is $ 425.– (all inclusive) or only for the room per night is $ 275.– 

For stays longer then one week (before or after the event) the normal or regular charges for the room per night is applicable. 


Save up to $ 300.– when you register early!

$100 billsWhen you register 3 months in advance you will receive a discount of $ 300.–

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