From July 1 until July 7 2018 Ard Pisa will be sharing the stage with Dr. Robert Gorter and C.F. van der Horst, at the PIAI Institute, at the Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort

Building blocks for prevention

From July 2 until July 8 2017 Ard Pisa, Dr. Robert Gorter and C.F. van der Horst will be sharing the stage at the PIAI Institute, at the Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort on the beautiful island of Curacao.

Ing. Ard Pisa (1971)

_DSC3710Ard Pisa is author, health researcher, teacher, health entrepreneur and keynote speaker.  Ard Pisa worked 17 years in the banking industry as a management team member of several local Dutch Rabobanks. In 2011 he won a prize for his authentic and passionate leader style within the Rabobank Organization. His vision of leadership is recorded in the book “Leadership at Rabobank.”

After the completion of a two-year program for personal coaching in 2006, Ard was impressed by the influence of the physical activity on his health. He learned about how emotions have a direct influence on ones health and body. He started with his private health investigations about the role of nutrition, emotions, environment and exercise, because he was looking for answers to very important health subjects and questions.

One of the most important questions was: “Why is there still no solution for the mankind’s number one enemy, Cancer?”
In his research on this subject, Ard made a major discovery. He found the historic work of the physician, biochemist, physiologist and Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg (1883 – 1970). Dr. Warburg discovered the primary cause of cancer.  Due to circumstances, the majority of cancer researchers have never been informed about Dr. Warburg’s historic discoveries.
In 2011 Ard published a book about the studies of Dr. Warburg: “What Angelina did not know about cancer but should have known.”
Ard’s mission is to inform and inspire people to change their lifestyle to raise their health and protect themselves against diseases.

“Due to an unhealthy life-style, which is passed down from generation to generation, diseases like cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity and mental illnesses are increasing dramatically. The terrible expectation is that the new generation, on average, are going to have a shorter life-expectancy than their parents and this has not been the case in the past centuries. The prediction concerning the disease cancer is that, within 15 years, an estimated 60% of our population will develop cancer.”

But fortunately Ard has good news: “We happen to hold a lot of our fate in our own hands. Based on the great work of many brilliant scientists we can prevent a lot of misery with a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition especially.”
Ard is a great motivator and teaches about nutrition, physical activity, healthy environment and the importance of emotional well-being.

“My aim with my book and education seminars is to show people what is truly going on, so together we can reclaim the right to health, freedom of choice and autonomy”


  1. The natural survival mechanism of a cell
  • The role of oxygen and the link with cancer
  • Primary and secondary causes of cancer
  • Omega 3- and 6- fatty acids acting as oxygen magnets
  • Warburg’s legacy
  • Six Essential Pillars for good health and maximum protection against cancer
  1. Medicine of the future
  • Water: a new perspective
  • The fourth phase of water
  • The magic of water
  • The memory of water
  • Science of water
  1. Live longer, better (healthy aging)
  • Blue zones
  • The secrets of the blue zones and the 100-year old humans
  • Nutrition and super-foods
  • What Are Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs)?
  • Modern Diets Are Linked to High Levels of AGEs
  • How AGEs can seriously damage Health
  • Healthy aging tips, start today!


Ard Pisa will be sharing the stage during the week with
Dr. Robert Gorter and C.F. van der Horst.
To read more about the presentation of Dr. Robert Gorter click HERE 
To read more about the presentation of C.F. van der Horst click HERE  


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