Dr. Henk Fransen, natural doctor, international speaker and author of many books on health, cancer and self-healing on stage in Curacao at the PIAI Institute


March 4 until March 10, 2018

Henk Fransen is a natural doctor in the Netherlands who researched alternative ways of healing for more than 30 years. In 2015 he launched the Dutch project ‘The search for healing’. The videos of this project were viewed 200.000 times in a few months. In 2016 Dr. Henk Fransen stood out because of his inspired efforts tot create the first medicine-free hospital in the Netherlands. www.henkfransen.nl (Dutch website).

Dr. Henk Fransen became a medical doctor in 1985 and already studied many alternative therapies during his medical studies. He worked in Mother Teresa’s home for the dying in Calcutta and in various African hospitals over the years.

In 2003 he wrote ‘Hi, I am your Champion!’Henk Fransen 1 In this compelling narrative tells Champion, a human immune cell, his life story. Champion is responsible for protecting the human against invaders and inspiring the human to fulfill his unique mission in life. In the course of the book Champion discovers the secret of self-healing.

From 2003 till 2010 he wrote a ten e-books to educate people with cancer about the most important factors in self-healing: anti-cancer diets, the right combination of supplements, detoxification of the body, an effective reduction of stress, break through survival mechanisms, the right mindset and creating a healing environment.

In 2015 he brought everything together in two books: ‘Handbook Cancer’ and ‘Boost Your Immune System On 5 Levels’. In the same year he launched the Dutch project ‘In Search For Healing’. The videos of this project were viewed 200.000 times in only a few months.

In 2016 he invited Xie Chuan to the Netherlands. Xie Chuan is a Chinese teacher who worked in the largest medicine-free hospital of Dr. Pang Ming in China. The workshops and online courses he created with Xie Chuan together became very popular in the Netherlands in a very short time.

In 2016 he was awarded for his inspired efforts to create the first medicine free hospital in the Netherlands.
Today Dr. Henk Fransen is busy to create the online course ‘A New and Radical Way To Heal Cancer’ and an online ‘Group of Survivers’ consisting of people with cancer that inspire each other.


Lecture/workshop 1: Strengthen your immune system on 5 levels

“All I’ve learned from my patients with cancer about
the resilience of body, mind and spirit
is in fact valuable for everybody.”

 In this lecture/workshop I share with you the essence of medicine, namely how you can strengthen your innate ability to heal yourselves by natural measures. You learn the most important factors that cause disease and how to reverse them. You will learn effective measures to boost self-healing of your body, mind and spirit. Most of the given information will be supported by scientific research.

Lecture/workshop 2: The relationship between body and mind and how to use it in the healing of cancer

“You learn a unique and effective method in which your body guides you
to what is needed in your healing process”

In this lecture/workshop I share with you my 30 years of experience in working with the emotional and mental factors that play a role in the beginning of cancer. You learn effective methods in which your body guides you to the deeper emotional, mental and spiritual causes that must be addressed for optimum healing power. In this approach symptoms are often direction indicators to your life purpose.

Lecture/workshop 3: Zhineng – Eastern exercises for self-healing

I collaborate with Xie Chuan, one of the Chinese teachers who worked in the largest medicine-free hospital of China. In the heyday of this clinic, thousands of patients from all over the world practiced the healing exercises of Zhineng. For political reasons this hospital had to close its doors. However the teachers continued to share their knowledge abroad. The workshops that I organized in 2016 were attended by hundreds of patients. I will share with you some of the basic exercises for self-healing that I learned from Xie Chuan.

Lecture 4: The future of medical science

“Sooner than most people think
big data will support the integration of
Western and alternative healing techniques”

In this lecture I will explain how medicine will develop over the next years and how to use this in your advantage NOW.


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