“The Secrets of maintaining your health!” A presentation of Dr. Robert Gorter

From July 1 until July 7 2018 Dr. Robert Gorter, Ing. Ard Pisa and C.F. van der Horst will be sharing the stage at the PIAI Institute

Robert Gorter, MD, PhD. (1946)

Dr. Gorter is an emeritus professor of thgortere University of California San Francisco (UCSF).

From 1982 through 1993, Robert Gorter, MD, PhD, was one of the main attending physicians at the AIDS Clinic – Ward 86 at San Francisco General Hospital(SFGH) in San Francisco California, USA. In addition, from 1986 through 1993, he was the Medical Director of the Department for AIDS Epidemiology and Biostatistics at the University of Californian San Francisco Medical School till he left for Germany in 1993. The Department he directed also had its main offices at San Francisco General Hospital, one of the main teaching hospitals of the University of California San Francisco (UCSF).

In 2000 Dr. Gorter founded the Medical Center Cologne (MCC) to apply to cancer patients his expertise, research and clinic experiences over the previous four decades. More and more patients started to name his way of treating: ‘The Gorter Model.’

IMG_3821The Gorter Model is an inclusive therapeutic modality of treatment of cancer patient of all sorts, patients living with chronic viral infections; such as, hepatitis B & C, HIV, and patients living with degenerative diseases. This model uses immune-supportive, non-toxic therapies. The goal of the treatment is to improve the immune system (“immune restoration“). The basic elements of the Gorter Model are the integration of the therapies and protocols in a schedule designed specifically for each patient. Traditional academic (western) medicine is being combined with new therapies, which have a sound scientific basis.

The Gorter Model has been described extensively in the book “Fighting Cancer” which has been translated and published besides in English, in Dutch, German, Italian, Romanian, Turkish, Arabic, Russian, Mandarin Chinese, to mention a few.

Robert Gorter survived end-stage germ cell carcinoma at age 26 without any traditional treatments of that time (no chemotherapy, radiation or even surgery); by treating himself through immunomodulation Robert Gorter was his first cancer patient so to speak.

Dr. Robert Gorter is a leading scientist, a Clinical Professor at 5 universities in 3 continents at the same time; and an amazing keynote speaker. He now lives in India and will soon start up a new University and Medical Center in Chandigarh, Karnal and Mumbai.

The program

  • 1. Three-Fold Man, Four-Fold man and the polarity Inflammation – Sclerosis.

The human being will be explained once as a Three-Fold Being and once as a Four-Fold being and its relationship to the other three kingdoms: the mineral, plant and animal kingdom. This will lay the foundation for understanding health and disease and the approach for its prevention and treatment, with an emphasis on cancer.

  • 2. The role of Fever.

The causes and the role of fever in early childhood are looked at in regards to the proper development of the immune system. The role of fever later in life and the curative properties of local- and “fever-range, total-body” hyperthermia have in the treatment of cancer patients.

  • 3. The Immune system and its role in fighting cancer.

In the academic world, it is currently generally accepted that the cause of cancer is always in a malfunctioning of the immune system and lots is known about it now. Dr. Gorter will give an overview and repost on his 16 years of clinical experience and research with the application of dendritic cells.

. 4. The Human Biography and the understanding of the role if Illness.

The human biography is a mystery by itself. It follows universal laws and rhythms and on the other hand, no two human lives are the same: each biography is unique. The riddle of freedom versus predestination.

.5. Therapeutic measures: “The Gorter Model.”

* fever-range, total-body hyperthermia *local hyperthermia *dendritic cell vaccinations *mistletoe *vitamins including C and B17 *Newcastle Disease Virus and other oncolytic viruses *Cannabis sativa (THC & CBD).

IMG_3806Dr. Gorter wrote a book “Fighting Cancer” which has been translated into 12 major languages and in English available through Amazon ISBN: 978-1-58394-248-2 and his website contains a lot of information: www.gorter-model.org

Also, visit this link to watch numerous video documentaries of patients being treated by him: https://vimeo.com/channels/mcctestimonials


The Gorter Model

Web: www.gorter-model.org

Blog: www.robert-gorter.info

Web: www.anthroposophic-health.org

Web: www.mistletoe-for-cancer.com

Web: www.cannabis-medical-use.com

Web: www.cannabis-als-medizin.org


Dr. Robert Gorter will be sharing the stage during the week with
 Ard Pisa and C.F. van der Horst.
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