How to boost your immune system

DSC_4104What is ‘probiotic’ and how can you stimulate the good bacteria?
You don’t get sick because of bacteria or viruses; you get sick when your defense system fails to keep out the sickening agents. During this week you will gain a thorough understanding of how your immune system works. Learn how to boost your immune system with the foods that you consume; learn different herbs, supplements and the right exercises. Learn about your intestines and the good and bad bacteria living in your digestive system.  Understand the Chinese way of looking at the protection of the body.

How can you stimulate the immune system? In this workshop you will learn how to understand the effects when your natural clock is out of balance, so that you can boost your immune system every day with a good night’s sleep as well as with sauna, steam bath or just a regular sunbath and much more. Understand the effects of vitamin D and sunlight. Calculate your time in the sun for optimal vitamin D boost.


Who will benefit the most from this Health Retreat Week?Alex (7)

  • People with a weak immune system
  • People who have been bed-ridden for a long time
  • People with chronic diseases or constipation
  • Airline personnel, night shift workers, and athletes
  • People with allergies
  • Sports coaches and health care workers.





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