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YES… YOU DO have the ability to heal yourself and master your own health! What you will need to learn first, is how to interpret the signs of your body. Chinese Medicine provides us with a unique method to explain and understand the vital functions of your internal organs, including the energy and changes in the body.
Once you have opened your eyes to “the Chinese way” of thinking and dealing with the questions about health, your life will change… and it will never be the same again!



DCF 1.0During the retreat you learn to master your own health, by making the link between food and energy, and function of the organs and disease. You can learn how to prevent a disease, to look at the cause of a disease, and practice “facial diagnosis.” 
You will learn to be in charge of the energy flowing throughout your body, and rely on vital acupressure points in case of an emergency.
Come to understand the power that is within you, and explore your meridians (energy channels), “organ clock,” and the secret relationships between your organs.


Who will benefit most from attending the Heal Yourself Health Retreat Week?

  • Everyone who always wanted to know more about the science behind energy fields and energy flowing within the human body
  • Individuals who wish to know for themselves, how to use their energy to achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyleDCF 1.0
  • Those who need information on how-to recover from either chronic or acute health conditions
  • People with daily challenges such as: pain issues, addictions, stress, or anxiety, depression, being overworked, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Professional healthcare workers, dieticians, physical therapists, massage therapists, nurses, and many others



  • Learn Vital Basics Of ‘Foot Reflexology’
  • You will be taught several basic energy testing methods to test everything you are not sure about, utilizing ‘Applied Kinesiology or Touch for Health’  




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Up To $300 Savings For Early Registration… NOW OPEN!

The price for this Heal Yourself  Health Retreat, a Sport Retreat, or Seminar Retreat is ALL-INCLUSIVE which means that ALL of the following accommodations and services are covered:


  1. A beautiful resort room for six (6) nights, Sunday to Saturday, that includes all taxes and entrance fees. Choose from a private room or shared room (details are below).
  2. Inclusive access includes your fees for all special tours, and entrance fees to all attractions and activities planned in the tour program.
  3. Exclusive access to evening retreat community programs and gatherings.DSC_3640
  4. Three (3) daily meals including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All foods are natural, organic, and clean – which means no cross contaminated-food. Organic natural herbs and spices, with no additives, and absolutely no GMO, are yours to enjoy.
  5.  Order non-alcoholic beverages at your leisure during meals and breaks 
  6. Find your sense of adventure and participate in activities, including sporting activities.
  7. Immerse yourself in the week of trainings and lectures.
  8. All workshops include resource learning materials for you to use immediately and keep.
  9. Select resort transportation, both to and from the airport.

The “Heal Yourself” Retreat


Heal Yourself  Retreat Pricing:

  • Private Room Price (per participant) $4,800 (USD)
  • Discount Offer For Two Retreat Participants In One (1) Shared Room: $4,300 (per participant)
  • Group Rate For Ten (10) Participants Or More: $3,900 (per participant/two participants in one room)

Retreat Add-On And Upgrade Possibilities You May Wish To Consider:

DSC_6072What if I have a companion who will not be involved in the retreat, but who will be travelling with me?

The cost for the partner will be $ 2,500.

Example: If you have a partner travelling with you and staying in the same room, but NOT attending the week retreat; but still joining us for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, group activities, island tour, and transportation.

DSC_0162Staying at the resort for a little extra time?

Whether before or after the event, if you want to stay 1-extra day or more, the price per room per person per night is $425. This rate remains an ALL INCLUSIVE rate, with all the services described above. Or, you can rent a “room only” for $ 275 per night.

For stays longer than one week, whether before or after the event, the normal or regular charges for the room (per night) is applicable.

Save up to $300 NOW when you register early!

When you register for the Clean Up And Make A Brand New Start Retreat at least 4-months in advance, you will automatically receive a discount of $300.

For registration 3-months in advance, you will receive a discount of $ 200.

Important: In order to serve you to our full capacity, to receive the best in us, we advise you to please register for this event at least 3-months in advance.

Would You Like To Receive An EXTRA BONUS When Signing Up 4-Months In Advance?!

Extra BonusPlease make sure to claim this EXTRA BONUS when two (2) participants are staying in one (1) room:

  • When you register 4-months in advance for the two participants in one room arrangement, we will automatically add you to our guest list giveaway, and give you the chance to pay the lowest fee of $3,900 (per participant). This offer is valid only when registering before April 2, 2018.

Note: REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN!  However, please do NOT make any payments UNTIL you receive a confirmation from the PIAI Administration Office. Your retreat payment is due on or by June 1, 2018. You will receive an E-Mail from the PIAI Administration Office with the correct amount that you have to pay (including the discounts you have received).

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